Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last post : Saint's Alp Teahouse

This is my last blogpost and I thank everyone who spent time viewing my photos and my blog. For my last post, here are photos from Saint's Alp Teahouse.

choco mint (php130)

sumiyaki coffee (php150)

chicken skin chips (php90)

cheesy tempura (php90)

Second to the last blogpost: Banana Leaf

teh tarik (68php)

thai iced tea (php68)   
tom yum soup (php198)

About the food:

Due to my now very hectic business work schedule, I regret that I have to discontinue doing my regular blogposts. On a positive note though, I get to go to more foodtrips with some business clients and loved ones, and still post my food photos at facebook.

This will be my second to the last blogpost. I won't spend much time discussing about the food anymore. But I hope you appreciate the quality photos.

pork steak (268php)

tilapia malayan (php238)

nasi goreng (php188)

tom yum soup with visible shrimp and mushroom (a must try even if you don't love spicy food)

chicken satay (php128)