Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sango Burger Master

About the food:

It's been quite a while since I made any blogposts. Now, to resume it, I'll be blogging about Sango Master Burger.

A few weeks back, we had lunch at this japanese burger place.

I ordered the double master burger (PHP232.14 exc. VAT). The nice thing about their burgers its that its full of flavor (even though the patty is small). Also, the size of the tomato slice is generously served. However, it's quite messy to eat by hand because the onion bits and sauce tend to fall off. As for taste however, this is a good try. 

We also tried the chili burger (PHP160.71 excl taxes). This too tasted good. The bread was still fresh. 

For the appetizer before the burgers, we ordered their sango master fries (PHP102.68 excl VAT). The serving size was also generous and the fries were also fresh and not so oily.  

Where to buy:

The Sango Master Burger we tried was located at the ground floor of Rockwell Mall. It is situated outside of the mall and can be seen beside Cibo and Starbucks. It is also near the Rockwell Tent area.


Food Presentation: AVERAGE

Since this is not a fine dining restaurant, food presentation is only normal.


The ambience is quite spacious and casual. It's a lively environment to dine at.


Their burgers are worth craving for. Its a better alternative compared to the usual fastfood burgers.


The servings are reasonable in size.


Prices are quite reasonable. They're a bit more expensive than cheap fastfood but not as expensive as fine dining restaurants.


Burgers and fries are not precisely healthy but adding more vegetables to it helps to improve health somewhat.